Monthly Newsletter

Dear Friends

Easter is all about the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Yet, many find the resurrection itself a stumbling block.  It is hard to believe this resurrection story when you first hear it.  Yet, what are the other possibilities? 

Maybe the women went to the wrong tomb. If they had, it would have been easy enough for the authorities to open the correct tomb and prove that the women were wrong by producing the body of Jesus.  And, if the authorities had taken the body, then they could have produced the body when the stories of resurrection began.  But the authorities didn’t.

This leads to the second possibility.  Had the disciples themselves removed the body and hidden it, then everything else they did would have been a lie.  Now, these disciples were the same people that hid from the crucifixion for fear of their own lives.  If they had taken the body, wouldn’t they have produced the body for the authorities so that they could escape death? 

Indeed, one of the most amazing things about the Easter story is the change in the lives of these men, all of whom deserted Jesus at the cross.  Yet, within weeks they were standing up in the city proclaiming that Jesus was alive and spreading the good news of God – ultimately at the cost of their own lives.

The third possibility:  Jesus appearance was a hallucination.  The gospel stories tell us that Jesus appeared to all the disciples at the same time.  Is there such a thing as a group hallucination?  And, Jesus talked and ate with them.  Do hallucinations eat our food? 

As he appeared, Jesus’ body showed the scars of crucifixion in his hands, feet and side. 

Maybe he didn’t actually die.  Maybe his friends managed to take him down and hide him. Would the crucified Jesus have been able to walk, talk and eat two days after his brutal scourging and crucifixion?

There are good grounds, therefore, for accepting the evidence of the Gospels and Christian tradition.  Further, take the time to check out writings of the ancient historians – Tacitus and Josephus.  Finally, I invite you to join us on Easter Day, as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

All blessings,