Monthly Newsletter

Dear Friends


Waiting for Christmas


Cold, crisp air

shorter days, longer nights

fairy lights twinkling in the darkness

behind doors, chocolates hidden for the countdown.


Preparing for visitors,

for family and surprise guests

the house cleaning, the food shopping

the planning.

Lots of baking.

The warm and spicy scent of mince pies,

visual splendour of lightly dusted chocolate yule logs

heavily coated Stollen!


Lots of Christmas cards or

not enough.

Excitement growing in faces of little children,

the bustling crowds, the almighty traffic.

Stress of getting it all done in time

to perfection.


Life itself is not on hold

In the midst of all the preparations,

the ordinariness of life continues

war, violence, death, pain and suffering.

Still, we wait:

for better news, a Brexit solution?

a better future

for our children, our grandchildren and theirs

for a world without violence, hatred and injustice

where all are welcomed

all are forgiven

where there are no more tears.

At last, Hope

a bright Light, a star that leads the way

the wonder of the Christ-child

born of a young, unmarried woman

after a long and difficult journey

in an unwelcoming, untidy and smelly place

dark, cold and surrounded by animals

with her fiancé as midwife

no fairy lights; but candles

no painkillers for birth pains, no cosy crib,

no soap or antibacterial cleansers.

No soft blankets

no stack of nappies

no fairy lights twinkling in the darkness

But a night sky filled with Light and the wonder of angels,

This is where LOVE is born.

This is Christmas.

May you find wonder in the waiting and be blessed with the knowledge of God’s love for you all through this Christmas and New Year!