Monthly Newsletter

Dear Friends,

In the lead up to Easter, the shops are full of chocolate eggs, fluffy bunnies and bright chicks. This is a tasty and fun way to celebrate the beginning of Spring and to show our love for others. The bunnies, chocolate eggs and chicks are symbols of new life; but they are not the meaning of Easter.  Easter is all about Jesus!  The real reason that we think about new life at Easter is because Jesus, who was stripped of all dignity, put to a shameful death on the cross and buried in a borrowed tomb, rose from the dead.

This is not just a wonderful story, it’s an historical fact.  Look up the writings of Tacitus and Josephus, and you will find that the ancient historians wrote of the existence of this new religious sect based on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.  Note also that despite the best efforts of the Romans and the Jewish leaders to destroy and discredit the early church, the church continued to attract new believers and grow. 

Read the Gospels and note that at Jesus’ crucifixion, his closest followers betrayed and deserted him because they were afraid.  Yet, when the resurrected Jesus appeared to them, they changed from a disillusioned group hiding in fear to men and women strong enough to stand up against the authorities at all costs  for what they believed. 

And what did they believe?  They believed that against all human understanding,  Jesus had risen from the dead.  Not as a ghost, but that Jesus had come back to life eating and drinking, and laughing and encouraging them as he did before he died. And, Jesus acknowledged reason to doubt. He didn’t want blind faith.  So, when he appeared to Thomas, who doubted the whole resurrection thing, he said, ‘Go ahead. Put your finger into my wounds so that you can know for sure that it is truly me; the one who was crucified and the one who came to save the world.’   And those remarkable, unbelievable resurrection experiences, breathed new life into Jesus’ disciples.  So that in spite of all that had happened:  their mistakes, their shortcomings, their desertion, their betrayal and rejection, they now had the opportunity to live free knowing without doubt they were forgiven and that Jesus was the son of God. 

And this made all the difference. And it does so still.  When Jesus died and rose, he did it for all of us regardless of race, creed, gender, divorced, dejected, etc.  He offers all of us new life with him free from guilt and worry.  Life that starts now, but also continues beyond this worldly life!  It’s never too late and whatever your sin, it’s never too much for our Lord to overcome.

All blessings