Monthly Newsletter

Dear Friends,         

Now, I know many of you wouldn’t agree; but as my daughter and I walked along the footpath together, we agreed without a doubt that autumn was the best season.  The baking long, hot, dry days of summer 2018 have now past and we can look forward to a wonderfully cool and refreshing autumn filled with the sites and scents of the harvest… golden fields of grain, trees in hues of red and orange, apples, peaches and pears dangling from trees, the smell of apples and cinnamon and cloves mixed together in pies and cakes!

Yes, I always find a way to return to the matter of cakes.  They are truly amazing.  And I’m sure that in Binstead, Havenstreet and Wootton, we have the best cake bakers on the island… maybe even the world!  So, I am very thankful to God for autumn and the harvest, for the farmers who grow the grain, the engineers that design and build harvesters and ovens, the scientists that improve farming and cookware, and not least of all the bakers that make the cakes!

Yet, all jokes aside, I am painfully aware that not everyone is delighted with autumn.  Autumn is the prelude to the cold, dark days of winter.  And, not everyone has the opportunity, the privilege to experience the abundance of harvest.  Not everyone has the opportunity for a good education and healthcare.  Not everyone has a warm and comfortable place to live, a loving family, enough food, enough safety, enough security.  And, not everyone knows the love of God in Jesus Christ. 

So, as we give thanks to God for all our blessings this harvest-time.  Let’s also make our offering to our communities, near and far, in aid of those who have less.  Let’s work together to share God’s abundant harvest, and to help those around us experience the love of God in Jesus Christ, our Lord.

All blessings,