Monthly Newsletter

Dear Friends,           

Today has been another scorcher.  Many weeks into this drought and our lawns are looking quite parched.  And not just the lawns, but the trees and plants!  Everything seems to be wilting, humans included.  What’s happening to England’s green and pleasant land?  When will we get rain?  Often in the garden, I find metaphors for spirituality, and our present day parched landscape is no exception.

In all of this, we are reminded of other places in our country and the world,– volcanoes in Hawaii, fires in the Yorkshire moors, Australia, and California.  In many parts of Africa, water shortages are the norm.  Many villages still have no mains supply of water or electricity. These are places with no loos and no plumbing. So, when there is a shortage of water and then it rains, they consider it a Blessing from God!  I imagine that we too will consider a good soak, when it comes, a blessing from God. 

The Havenstreet PCC recently accepted a proposal to support the twinning of toilets.  ‘Toilet twinning is a water and sanitation initiative.  By donating £60 to twin our toilet, we help those in desperate poverty to have access to a proper latrine, clean water and the information they need to be healthy.’  We hope this is a blessing from God to those who receive it.

And what about the situation at Holy Cross Church.  Significant damage was incurred to eight windows, benches were tipped and bulletin boards pulled off porch walls.  Fortunately, we have insurance, which will cover the bulk of the cost to restore the church and windows.  Yet, we need to pray earnestly for God to restore the individual who caused the damage.  We can also thank God for our blessings of churchwardens, David, Mike and others, who have been working to clean up and restore the damage to the church.

Yet, I wonder if all of this along with the many issues in the wider world has left you parched and thirsty? Are you longing for cool, clean water? Maybe it’s time to take a short break each day to ‘be’ with God?  A time to let God wash over you, refresh you and remind you that you are God’s beloved.

All blessings,