Pew Leaflet

Holy Cross, Binstead                                                                                             St Peter’s, Havenstreet                                                                

Priest in Charge:  Revd Veronica Brown: 07921 514906 (Day off Friday) 

5th July 2020
4th Sunday after Trinity
Year A

Zechariah 9.9-12                                                Romans 7.15-25a                            Matthew 11.16-19,25-30

A prayer for this week
Dear Lord, may whoever is feeling weak be given strength. And may those who carry heavy burdens have their loads lightened so they can be free to worship you with thanks and praise. Amen

We pray for those who are sick and who ask for our prayers
Jackie Brown; Ann Brighouse; Dave Bushell; Becky Cummings; Martin Finey; Pat Grist; Seb Hall;
Connie Hull; Brenda and Peter Hunt: Peter Jackson; Jan Jacobs; Ann Simmonds; Sarah Townsend;
Simon; Tim Warren: Toni: Teddy Webb; John Williams; Valerie Worster.

James Jeffrey Dove;
and those whom we remember in our memorial books this week
Joan Bartlett: Laurie Bish; Jessie Miriam Deighton; Dorothy Irene Price; Mary Gertrude Watts;


The Prime Minister announced last Tuesday week that churches could open for public worship from
July 4.  This gives permission to meet, but churches can only do so  if they can guarantee the safety of those who might attend. 

A message from Bishop Christopher says:  ‘I write, first, to thank you all for your hard work, flexibility and imagination in sustaining parish life in such innovative as well as traditional ways during the last three months of lockdown. Though this letter is addressed to leaders, lay and ordained, I ask you to pass my thanks and admiration to all those who have worked with them. The range of commitment is great – from sophisticated technology to deep cleaning, from security checking to funeral ministry in desperate circumstances.

As I have said before, we are now entering an even more challenging phase. The demands of the next few weeks, and the continuing task of meeting the priorities of people’s health and well-being with their (and our) impatience and frustration with the restrictions in place, will be considerable. We shall all need enormous pastoral sensitivity and, holding the complexities of the situation, seek to be patient with each other, particularly when our own preference cannot be achieved.  I, with Archdeacons Gavin, Jenny and Peter and other colleagues, will do our best to help as needed but – rightly – many of the decisions need to be taken within the guidance and regulations by you in your local parish context.

With this letter comes a considerable suite of advice about public worship. Much of it is hard reading, both because of its detail, but more significantly because it enables us to resume worship only in a very restricted way, and this situation – perhaps with modest easing if that proves possible - is likely to continue for a protracted period.’

As Bishop Christopher has alluded, there is much to be done before our churches can open safely for public worship and what can be offered is not going to be the type of service we had
before the lockdown.  As has been said on a number of occasions
there will be no singing for the foreseeable future.
The PCC’s will continue to work towards reopening the churches for public worship but can only take that step when they can do so safely.

However, a number of safeguards have now been put in place to ensure the buildings provide a safe environment for personal private prayer and all the churches in the plurality are now open.   
Holy Cross is open on
Sundays and Thursdays from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm on both days.
St Peter’s is open on
Tuesday’s and Saturdays from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm on both days
St Edmund’s is open daily from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
except Friday when it will be 10.00 am to 5.00 pm

For those who cannot or prefer not to visit the churches there is a link on our own website, address at the top of this bulletin, for
‘Prayer Resources for when you can’t get to church or for use at home’

The Revd Sandie has recorded a service of Holy Communion for this Sunday and this can be found at

At 9.00 am this Sunday, Bishop Christopher and the Rev Sally Davenport will lead Sunday worship from their own home, with others from around the diocese. This Eucharistic service will include hymns, readings and prayers.  The service can be found on the diocese’s Facebook page, which you can find here.  Or catch up with it later on the Diocese Youtube channel.or on the
Diocesan web site.

At 10.45 am today Sunday Morning Live features  topical religious and ethical issues and at
1.15 pm Songs of Praise is presented by Katherine Jenkins who meets the Archbishop of Canterbury at St Thomas’s Hospital, London to mark the 72nd birthday of the NHS and
Florence Nightingale’s bicentenary. 

Portsmouth Cathedral is now open on Sundays for public worship and details can be found on the link below.  It is also continuing to stream services during the week at 8.15 am for Morning Prayer;
5.30 pm for Evening Prayer; and 8.30 pm for a service of Compline
plus Toddler Group on Wednesdays at 2.00pm via Facebook

There continues to be a Hymn for the Day on the Royal School of Church Music website
To open the link go to

A resource from Douai Abbey Called ‘Alone Together’
It can be reached at: .  This resource is introduced by the Benedictine monk Christopher Jamison and contains inputs from other monks (Christian and Buddhist), a Muslim and the former hostage Terry Wait.  It is offered to help people live through the coronavirus pandemic.

If you have difficulty in accessing any of these links please ring 615551 and
we will try to guide you through it

There are many resources for children and young people just click on the following link

There is also a feature from the Church of England entitled
Daily HOPE
This is a free phone line of hymns, reflections and prayers which can be reached on
0800 804 8044

This line which is available 24 hours a day while church buildings are closed because of the coronavirus received more than 6,000 calls in the first 48 hours. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, launched Daily Hope as a simple new way to bring worship and prayer into people’s homes, during the lockdown period. The line has been set up particularly with those unable to join online church services in mind. Callers to the line hear a short greeting from the Archbishop before being able to choose from a range of options, including hymns, prayers, reflections and advice on COVID-19.  It is necessary to listen to the initial message in order to hear the 8 options.

The Mission Prayer
God of Mission, who alone brings growth to your Church, send  your Holy Spirit to give vision to our planning, wisdom to our actions, and power to our witness.  Help our church to grow in numbers, in spiritual commitment to you, and in service to our local community, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

A prayer for the Pastoral Ministry in the Plurality
Heavenly Father, as we come together to raise our concerns for the world to you, we thank you for those who exercise pastoral ministry in our parishes.  We pray that they may continue to share your love and comfort with all with whom they come into contact this week, through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

CORONAVIRUS:  Although some of the restrictions have been eased it is still possible for people in Ryde, Binstead, Havenstreet and Wootton to have milk, delivered to your door and also vegetables.  This is especially helpful to those who have had difficulty or do not have the technology for getting supermarket deliveries on line.  We also do still have people willing to do shopping, just please ask.  For further details please ring 615551.

Binstead Post Office are also prepared to deliver bread, milk and groceries.  Telephone 562076 or order by e-mail at

There is also the Milk Shed at Coppid Hall Farm at Havenstreet where milk, butter, eggs, cream, and potatoes can be purchased and there is now a card payment option.

  • Items urgently required for the Foodbank this month are Packet Rice; Tinned Spaghetti; Tinned Potatoes; Longlife Fruit Juice; Puddings (eg instant whip); Shaving gel, Shampoo; Washing up liquid, Washing powder.  There is a box in the porch at St Peter’s Church for donations which is being well supported but donations of money are equally welcome and can be made to  Thank you to those who have made contributions this last week which have been much appreciated.

CHAIRS IN NORTH AISLE – HOLY CROSS: Veronica and the PCC of Holy Cross want to thank everyone, who has given the Binstead PCC money for the purchase of new chairs for the North Aisle.  They have received enough money to purchase about 20 chairs but it is not too late if anyone wishes to purchase one.

The addition of 40 chairs in the North Aisle is a significant addition to the fabric of Holy Cross and requires diocesan approval.  This means that the PCC needs to apply for a faculty to put these chairs in the church. Since there is a fee for each faculty application, the PCC tends to bundle several requests into a single application (when possible) so that we don’t have to pay for multiple applications.  It is now possible to progress the replacement of the chancel window and so it is intended to combine that request with the 40 chairs in the North Aisle into a single application which we are hoping to submit shortly.
If anyone who has not already done so wishes to give a chair in memory of a loved one please do have a word with Rodney (882291) or Hilary (615551) who will happily forward the necessary form.  This is the last opportunity for the time being to purchase a chair in memory of a loved one as the permission is likely to be given shortly following which an order will be placed.

 A CALL TO PRAYER FOR THE RYDE AREA: The Churches in the Ryde Area invite you to set apart two thousand and twenty hours this summer to pray for our town and its surrounding area.  This initiative will run from 10.00 am on Wednesday 1st July until 2.00 pm on Wednesday 23rd September.  The churches are committing themselves to pray each day for Ryde and the surrounding area and we call upon all our Christian brothers and sisters in the area to join us in this commitment.

On the dedicated website you will find daily themes and other resources to guide your prayers. 

At the beginning of the year we could never have imagined where we would be right now, nor the devastating effect that the Covid-19 Coronavirus would have on our lives and our community. None of us could claim perfect 2020 vision.   For the Isle of Wight, dependent so much on leisure and tourism and all the other businesses and community groups that maintain and enrich our lives, this is going to be a hugely different summer from the one we expected.

Please do join in and pray for our town and surrounding area.  

CONFIRMATION:  It is hoped to start a group in the autumn which in the present climate is likely to be by Zoom.  If you are interested in joining a group, which are available for all ages please sign up by sending an email to Veronica… or Hilary…