Pew Leaflet

 Holy Cross, Binstead                                                                                                             St Peter’s, Havenstreet                                                                              

                                                     Priest in Charge:  Revd Veronica Brown: 07921 514906 (Day off Friday) 

29th March 2020
5th Sunday of Lent
Year A

A message from Veronica, our Priest in Charge

Sadly, our church buildings have been closed for the time being. The Archbishops have directed this as it is our ‘Christian duty to minimize the risk of infection’ to friends and neighbours.  We will miss our places of worship.   But these will be re-opened when the government tells us it is safe to do so.  And, although we are not together in the same building, we are united in prayer. 

Bishop Christopher says, “Our faith calls us, particularly in Lent, to lives of discipline, responsibility and self-denial. In Lent this year we are being powerfully reminded of that call in ways we had never envisaged. Our duty at this time involves foregoing our usual pattern of worship to find in new ways solidarity with each other and with our Lord.”

Bishop Christopher will be leading a Holy Communion service from Bishopsgrove at 8am on Sunday, which can be viewed on (and available during the day on the diocesan website at

Ezekiel 37. 1-14                                                  Romans 8. 6-11                                                  John 11. 1-45

Let us pray now for our world, and for humanity, acknowledging the need we have for God's help in all we do. Let us pray for our Church and for all who lead her that their decisions may be made based on knowledge and compassion. 
Let us pray also for those who are working tirelessly to support us at this time. Amen
We pray for those who are sick and who ask for our prayers
Jackie Brown; Dave Bushell; Becky Cummings; Martin Finey; Pat Grist; Seb Hall; Connie Hull;
Brenda Hunt: Peter Jackson; Jan Jacobs; Danny Read; Ann Simmonds; Sarah Townsend;
Simon; Tim Warren: Toni: Teddy Webb; Valerie Worster.

Paige Streeter; Gillian Mary Ball
Those named in our memorial books whom we commemorate this week 
Gordon Albert Barton; John Raymond Batten; Charles Briggs; William Henry Deighton;
Harold Hendey; Edna Florence Hewison; Arthur William Hogg; Mary Grace Hogg;
Leslie William John Lemon; Roy Williams


Public Worship and all events continue to be suspended

until further notice by the Archbishop of Canterbury. 
It is hoped that some of the events will be postponed to a future date
There is a link on the website, address at the top of this bulletin, for
‘Prayer Resources
for when you can’t get to church or for use at home’

Bishop Christopher will be leading a Holy Communion service from Bishopsgrove
at 8am on Sunday, which can be viewed on 
(and available during the day on the diocesan website at
There are also resources for a Spiritual Communion on our own website,

A special service led by the Archbishop of York can be viewed on the Church of England website
Portsmouth Cathedral are also streaming services
There is also a Hymn a Day on the Royal School of Church Music website

A TIME TO PRAY: We are trying to cultivate the habit of prayer in our parishes to help each other and ask for God's blessing on the Island, to pray for Veronica in her leadership, to increase our love for the Lord and to grow our church numbers. Please pray for these things on a Monday during the half hour from 6.30pm to 7pm.

The Mission Prayer
God of Mission, who alone brings growth to your Church, send  your Holy Spirit to give vision to our planning, wisdom to our actions, and power to our witness.  Help our church to grow in numbers, in spiritual commitment to you, and in service to our local community, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

A prayer for the Pastoral Ministry in the Plurality
Heavenly Father, as we come together to raise our concerns for the world to you, we thank you for those who exercise pastoral ministry in our parishes.  We pray that they may continue to share your love and comfort with all with whom they come into contact this week, through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

CORONAVIRUS:  Following the directions from the National Church and this Diocese, the following will be adopted across the Plurality.

All Public Worship is suspended until further notice as are all meetings.  Please see the website, address above, for updates but if you don’t have access to the internet please ring 615551 for updates.

For people living on your own in Ryde, Binstead, Havenstreet and Wootton and who are or have been forced to be self-isolating, it is possible to have milk, delivered to your door and also vegetables.  This is especially helpful to those who have had difficulty in getting supermarket deliveries on line.  We also have people willing to do shopping, just please ask.  For further details please ring 615551.

BISHOP’S LENT APPEAL:  The focus of the Lent Appeal this year will be the environment and our care for the planet now, to preserve it for future generations.

The principal recipient of this year’s Lent Appeal will be A Rocha, and specifically their project in Ghana to educate, preserve and reinstate environmental damage that has already occurred. Locally the Sustainability Centre will be one charity that will benefit from the Lent Appeal this year.  Envelopes are available at the back of both churches.

  • Items urgently required for the Foodbank this month are Packet Rice; Tinned Spaghetti; Tinned Potatoes; Longlife Fruit Juice; Puddings (eg instant whip); Shaving gel, Shampoo; Washing up liquid, Washing powder.  Clearly we cannot donate food items but donations of money can be made to

CAN YOU HELP PLEASE?While we have time to turn out in the next few weeks, if you do have unwanted items you would be prepared to donate for their stall at the I W Steam Railway when the present crisis is over please let Hilary (61551) know and she will collect them when we are all allowed to get out again.