Times of Services


Regular Services and Service Times


                  8.00 a.m.     Holy Communion  1662 (spoken)1
                                                       (2nd; 4th & 5t
h Sundays only)                                                      

                  9.30 a.m.     Parish  Communion  -  2Common Worship
                                          (except 2nd; 4th & 5th Sundays of the month)             
                 10.00 a.m.     CAFE CHURCH (non-Eucharistic informal worship )3

                                      (2nd Sunday of the month only) 

                  9.30 a.m.     MORNING WORSHIP (non-Eucharistic)
                                      (4th & 5th Sundays of the month only)


                  6.30 pm      SERVICE OF MEDITATION MUSIC & PRAYER4 
(3rd Sunday of the month)                                                                           


                 8.00 a.m.       Morning Prayer  (spoken)5

                                      (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays)



1.         Communion service drawn from the Prayer Book of 1662 and in the language and style of the period.  A spoken service without  hymns.               


2.       Communion service using the modern liturgy (Common Worship) of the Church of England.  Contains, hymns, readings,  prayers and sermon.


3.         A less formal service without Communion, designed for all ages.  Will normally contain hymns, readings, music, prayers and sermon.          


4.       A candle-lit service of reflection and meditation based upon lines from the Psalms or scripture as developed by the Taize Community in France. 


5.         A brief service of readings and prayers on behalf of the parish led by one of our ministry team.  Anyone is welcome to attend and participate. 



Regular Services and Service Times


                    11.00 a.m.      MORNING WORSHIP  (non-Eucharistic)1
(1st Sunday of the month)        

                           10.00 a.m.-      PETER'S POP IN (Informal, non-Eucharistic)2
(3rd Sunday of the month)

                           11.00 a.m.       PARISH  COMMUNION  -  Common Worship3
                       (2nd & 4th Sundays of the month)

                         6.30 p.m.      EVENSONG  -  Book of Common Prayer                                                     
                               (first Sunday of the month)


                              8.00 a.m.      Morning Prayer  (said)5