Pew Leaflet

25th April 2021
4th Sunday of Easter
Year B

Acts 4. 5-12                                                           1 John 3 .16-24                                          John 10. 11-18

A prayer for this Sunday
O Good Shepherd,
You desire to guide all into safety, refreshment and peace.
Meet us here today and
Fill us with your love, that we may look into your world with your loving knowledge,
and offer our lives with your generosity as members of your beloved community:
in your name we pray, Amen.

We pray for those who are sick and who ask for our prayers
Monika Attrill; Heather Attwood; Linda Banting; Jackie Brown; Ann Brighouse; Dave Bushell; Daisy; Barbara Edwards; Maxwell Gophard; Pat Grist; Bishop Peter Hancock; Connie Hull;
Brenda Hunt: Peter Jackson; Keith Moran; Norma Nugent;
Bobby & Tessa Roberts; Seb; Sarah Townsend; Simon; Tim Warren: Teddy Webb

Joyce Pidgeon; Susan Patricia Woodward;
Colin John Avenell; Martin James Snow
those whom we remember in our memorial books this week
Heather Jane Arthur; Malcolm George Crockford; Adrian John Flower;
Sylvia Gorley; Herbert Douglas & Patricia Rose Howe; Robert Adamson Hudson;
William Charles Harold Lazell; Jack Parsons; Harold Priest; Harold Raymond Read; Anne Willoughby;

Holy Cross Church and St Peter’s Church are now open daily for Private Prayer from 9.00 am to
5.00 pm with effect from today.  Thank you to the volunteers who have made this possible.

                                                                       THE WEEK AHEAD
Monday 26th    5.30 pm                        Holy Cross PCC meets by Zoom
                         7.00 pm                      Meeting of the Lay members of Deanery Synod by Zoom
Wednesday 28th 9.30 am                      Holy Communion (St Edmunds)
Friday 30th       8.00 am                        Morning Prayer (Holy Cross)
Sunday 2nd                                           5th Sunday of Easter                            
                        8.00 am                        Holy Communion (St Edmunds)
                        9.30 am                        Holy Communion (Holy Cross)
                      11.00 am                        Morning Worship (St Peter’s)
                        6.30 pm                       Evensong (St Peter’s)

       Sadly booking is essential and can be made by e-mailing or calling 562890

BISHOP CHRISTOPHER:  Bishop Christopher’s final service in the diocese was yesterday afternoon, in the Cathedral, when he laid aside his crozier on the altar, a symbolic sign of the end of his ministry among us.  He will retire alongside his wife the Rev Sally Davenport, who will step down as team rector of Holy Trinity with St Columba, Fareham.  For over 10 years as our Bishop he has been extremely generous with his support and the amount of time he has spent on the Island.

We wish him and Sally well with our love, our thanks and our prayers as they move to a new chapter in their lives.


A Video Service for use during the month of April in the parishes of
Binstead, Havenstreet and Wootton:

The Ministry Team has planned to provide a video service on Youtube each month as a resource.  Video services were provided earlier in the year during the first lock-down and were appreciated by a wider congregation than those who are able regularly to attend church.  We hope that you will find them helpful. 
The current such service for use during Easter can be accessed through the Holy Cross Binstead & St Peter’s Havenstreet Facebook page at or at

There is also an Easter video for schools and young people which can be accessed through the
Holy Cross Binstead & St Peter’s Havenstreet Facebook page at

Weekly services of Holy Communion at 8.00 am (BCP) & 11.00 am (CW) led by the Portsmouth Cathedral Ministry Team with music from the Choral Scholars of Portsmouth Cathedral can be found on the Cathedral’s Facebook page, at together with details of weekday services.  Choral evensong is also streamed at 5.30 pm on Sundays.

There is also still the facility from the Church of England entitled Daily HOPE.  This is a free phone line of hymns, reflections and prayers which can be reached on 0800 804 8044.  If you know of people who do not have access to the internet please do make them aware of this facility.

FOODBANK: Items are still urgently required for the Foodbank and especially sponge puddings, part-baked bread, bubble bath, tampons, deodorant, single toothbrushes, washing powder/liquid, and financial donations. There is a box in the porch at St Peter’s Church for donations but donations of money are equally welcome and can be made to Thank you to those who have made contributions recently which have been much appreciated as there has been increased use of the Foodbank recently. Donations may be left in the porch at St Peter’s Church, Havenstreet.  

THY KINGDOM COME – ASCENSION TO PENTECOST – 2021: A Global Call to Prayer: 13 – 23 May 2021.This year we are having to change the way we celebrate the Novena.  A Novena is nine days of prayer that usually encourages us to pray with a particular intention. Praying for other people is known as a prayer of intercession.

Our nine days of prayer open and close with reflections for Ascension Day and Pentecost Sunday to help you prepare and give thanks to God.  This year we will distribute the Novena booklet and a Prayer Diary via email as well as having a small number of hard copies available.  I hope you will be able to take part this year, and if you have any queries please contact Arthur on 564413 or Hilary on 615551.

Before you start

Prayerfully choose five people to pray for and pray during these 11 days that they would know the transforming love of Christ.

• Set a time each day when you will take a moment of prayer.  You only need about 10 minutes.

• Set a reminder on your phone, a note on your fridge or somewhere

visible to prompt you to pray each day.

In the days between Ascension and Pentecost, we are committing ourselves to pray for friends and family to come to know the love, hope and peace found in Christ. This year, we will be using some of the psalms as a structure and guide for our prayer and reflection, holding on to the thought that ‘God has willed to make himself known in the mystery of the psalms.’ [Thomas Merton, Praying the Psalms].

Each day, there will be a psalm, some text and a picture. The opening and closing days of Ascension and Pentecost are like bookends to the nine days of prayer in between, setting the theme and drawing it to a close. The picture does not illustrate the psalm, but may help enrich your prayer. Enjoy it, use it, or ignore it. But whatever you do, enjoy praying!


26th April 6.00 pm Holy Cross PCC meets at 5.30 pm
17th May Time to be confirmed Holy Cross APCM